Saturday, September 11, 2004

Good Football Day

Last night was good fun and nice to see people again.

Today I've not done much apart from watch sport on Sky Sports. I do like watching Portsmouth at Fratton Park as the crowd make the atmosphere electric. Crystal Palace's comedy goalkeeper had a hand (literally) in one of the goals and then a superb back flick sealed the game for the home side. One of the best own goals ever! I would quite like both teams to stay up though with most of the season to go there is still plenty more work to be done.

In other games, unbeaten Arsenal kept up their amazing run, Manchester Utd defended comically in drawing with Bolton thamks to a similarly comical error at the other end. The team i support, Huddersfield Town won 3-0, big local rivals Bradford City lost and my 2nd team Halifax Town won 4-0 so overall an excellent set of results.

Henman lost in the tennis but then it was a semi final and he never really stood a chance though would probably have bottled it anyway!

Considering making this a regular feature but this might not be such a good idea as i feel most readers will have stopped reading by now anyway! Any thoughts please?


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