Sunday, January 23, 2005

Possible Regrets, Norwich Comeback, Ill

I went into Huddersfield last night and am regretting not doing what I should have done which is the first time i've felt like this for a while but i'm kinda used to it. I didn't feel very well towards the end of the night (not drink related though not helped by the drink either i magine) which is a partial excuse and don't feel a lot better now. This may be due to not getting to sleep until 5:30 which was 4 hours after I got home. It was a good night in general though and nice to see Rob and Ann for the first time this year.

Huddersfield won with 2 goals from new loan signing Luke Beckett and the bottom 5 in the Premiership also won except Norwich who should be pleased with a point after drawing 4-4 against Middlesborough even though they were 4-1 down after 78 minutes.

I've added a bouncebackability petition to my links as it's a useful word and should be added to the dictionary. It's a bit odd but there you go - no obligation to sign it by the way.

Off to bed soon so I'm hopefully fit for another busy day at work.


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