Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Rodney Marsh Sacked, Football Questions

OK, questions for anyone who might have answers. Liverpool beat Watford to book their place in the Worthless Cup (or whatever it's called now) final. Who's your favourite sponsor? I'd have to say Milk closely followed by Rumbelows.

Is it just me or is anyone else sick of seeing Liverpool on Sky Sports now after 13 consecutive games? Why buy a season ticket when you can just watch all Liverpool games on Sky?

Why has Rodney Marsh (football pundit legend not cricket legend) been sacked? What exact comments did he make on "You're On Sky Sports" last night (Monday 24th Jan)?

Is El Hadji Diouf a cheat or just clever after diving as if he had fallen when attempting the first stage of the triple jump? Should video replays be introduced to stop this? Should the FA use the evidence post match to punish players for such actions?

Anyone with any answers or opinions for the above 8 questions, please enlighten me.


At Wed Jan 26, 12:46:00 am 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

1. It's always the coca-cola cup to me
2. No, I don't have Sky sports
3. Sky is shit anyway so going to Anfield is much more fun (I presume)
4. http://www.timesonline.co.uk/article/0,,27-1456655,00.html
5. I don't know (see 2) but http://tinyurl.com/4fv5e
6. He's a cheat
7. No
8. Yes

you failed to mention the england cricket team's glorious series victory

At Wed Jan 26, 06:11:00 pm 2005, Blogger Toph said...

So the joke that got him the sack just appears to be another jibe at David Beckham.

David Beckham had turned down a move to Newcastle after hearing of the trouble with the "Toon Army in Asia".

Sacking him seems a bit harsh but fair given the tenderness of the situation. Maybe fining him two weeks wages or banning him for 8 Saturdays would have been more appropriate. It was nowhere near as bad as Ron Atkinson - hence me posting it here as I dobt it will offend any of the readers of this (sorry if it does).

I liked his views on Bradford being in the Premiership even though he had to have his head shaved when they stayed up and I also agree with his opinion that Wigan will be a joke in the Premiership because their fan base is very small and it would be an achievement for them to finish above bottom.

Oh I also forgot to mention England cricket team's great series victory in South Africa!


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