Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Deadline Day

Not much has been going on recently. I've bought the main prizes for the raffle for the Bradford And District Chartered Accountants Student Society (BADCASS) annual dinner. I've also got a new keyboard and mouse as the old ones got taken back as the letters were coming off the keyboard and instead of cheese, the mouse ate batteries. Now I have a nice quiet keyboard and a big chunky mouse but i'm sure i'll get used to it.

Same with football really. Dodgy penalty decision in the last minute of the south coast derby fa cup match but not even a video replay would have sorted that. There were no upsets in the cup and sadly the most exciting game of the weekend was just off the M6 at Walsall where they came from 2-0 and 3-1 down to beat Huddersfield 4-3. We're signing a defender on loan this week and i'm going to watch on Saturday so hopefully we'll score three again and not let any in this time.

Anyway, it was transfer deadline day yesterday where a few plyers moved clubs but nothing spectacular. Spurs seem to be looking ambitious with a double signing. Maybe they'll be in Europe before the decade is over :-) It was also transfer deadline day for The Sun Fantasy Football. I'm now happy with my team though I think my brother has gone a bit mad getting rid of Ashley Cole, Claus Jensen and Thierry Henry and bringing in John Terry, Frank Lampard and Peter Crouch(!).

It was also deadline day for filing tax returns to the Inland Revenue. This year saw a large increase of people filing them on the internet and there was huge uproar as the site could not take all the traffic it was getting. Th Inland Revenue were unsympathetic saying something along the lines of "Tough. You should have done it earlier". Sadly I cannot take this approach and have been working my arse off to get people accounts done so they can file them on time. Most people got their's in though thus avoiding the £100 fine. It's a bit like the calm after the storm now as it's a quiet couple of months for accountants.

I think the next wek might be more exciting. Mainly because it couldn't be less exciting than last week!


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