Sunday, February 06, 2005

Opposite of Last Week

That means it was a busy week. Man Utd beat Arsenal which pleased me as Arsenal dive and cheat and hate to lose. Blackburn kicked Chelsea to pieces but still lost. Chelsea now have the Premiership record for not letting a goal in. Yesterday afternoon I went to see Huddersfield play Luton and the home team dominated throughout. Sadly the game was spoilt by useless assistant referee Mr R J West who was holding a yellow flag rather than a white stick which would have been more appropriate. He let Luton's offside goal stand when everyone in the stadium could see there was at least one offside during the move. He was booed for the rest of the match and when we finally equalised in the 94th minute, all ten Huddersfield players surrounded him showing good aggression. Anyway a point against the team at the top isn't bad I guess.

Other events of the week include going out for lunch for the first time with work on Friday. Also on Friday Rosie and I went to see Amanda in the pantomime Beauty And The Beast. Afterwards lack of food (a bun, a small piece of cake and a small tub of ice cream) due to my large lunch seemed to contribute to quite severe drunkenness after just fours drinks. Still a good night though.

Saturday involved getting up in the morning (not the norm on a Saturday) to get my hair cut to look smart for next Friday's BADCASS dinner. Having a haircut with the mother of all hangovers was not a pleasant experience and I don't recommend it to anyone. I also went out last night too with Rob and (eventually) met up with Sarah, John, Marcus, Rosie and JJ. I had much more to drink, felt less drunk but more tired and didn't really enjoy things much really. No hangover this afternoon (yay a lie in!) though and a lazy day has followed. I'm attempting to help round the house more as mum is supposed to be resting but she's being stubborn as usual so things are getting a little fraught. This, along with other niggles looks like a bad week could be in store for me. Hope I'm wrong.


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