Sunday, October 09, 2005

Old Contacts, Japanese Grand Prix

It's just after 8:10 on a Sunday morning. An odd time to be posting, especially only after about 3 hours sleep as I've been watching the Japanese Grand Prix. It was a great race with lots of amazing overtaking and a couple of crashes too! Fisichella lost the lead to Raikkonen on the final lap which in my mind shows who is the best driver of the season even though he is not world champion. "So why not go back to bed?" I hear you cry. The kitchen fitter arrives in 15 minutes to do a couple of hours work on our new kitchen. I'll have a power nap or two this afternoon before my big free poker tournament tonight.

I've not posted much recently as I've been studying hard and while 57% in my 1st progress test is a pass, I look to improve on this so posts may be few and far between for a couple of months. Whilst at college we have a number of breaks in the day (and also a bomb scare in Halifax delaying my train) giving me lots of texting time. I thought I'd text some old friends who I hadn't contacted for between 6 and 24 months. All of them replied which was really nice as I don't like losing touch with people. Sadly though last week I heard that someone in my year at school committed suicide. This gave me a reality check and onc again set me thinking about how lucky I am in life even when things are oing badly.


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