Monday, February 20, 2006

It Was A Busy Week

As predicted last week was busy. I was working in Leeds on Monday and Tuesday meaning early starts and late finishes. Wednesday was a bit more normal. Thursday and Friday I was back in Leeds for Business Finance at FTC. I was at the BADCASS dinner 2006 with my old work and (unofficially) representing the Huddersfield Student Society. Saturday was hard and I couldn't really be bothered to do anything until the evening so I went to Halifax with Rob. I then worked most of Sunday and hopefully things will be back to normal after today.

Hopefully too I will expand on some of these events in future posts, no harm in doing a quickie to keep the regular(s) happy!

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Diane Leaves So There Was A Night Out...

Which I joined after watching some (it clashed with Neighbours) of the African Nations Cup Final where Egypt beat Ivory Coast 4-2 on penalties. They were unlucky to win before this as the referee was a blatant help throughout even though Ivory Coast generally dominated and look good for the World Cup (though having seen what group they are in maybe not).

Loads of people from work were out round Huddersfield - too many to count - and it was a really good evening. I lasted until 2:30 which is the latest i've been out for a while and I think I remember everything too which is good after 11 of my usual and a chocolate shot (mmmm chocolate) in the newly opened Bar Chocolate. I still couldn't outdo Tom on his "proper" drinks as he just appears to be an invincible drinking machine so left him in Tokyo and I think everyone else had gone by this stage.

Hangover was bad on Saturday afternoon but by half time it had gone. I was seeing Huddersfield play top of the table (now ex top haha) Colchester. They were clearly the better team on the day but I'm not complaining and will take the 2-0 victory leaving us firmly in the play off spots.

After this weekends games I reckon I am 5th in Sun Dream Team which would land me a cool £5250 but many things can change between now and the end of the season. That's useful as poker isn't ging so well at the moment - still up though!

I feel like i'm in for a busy week ahead.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Traffic Light Dating 2 - The New Spin

The original post many months ago now involved real traffic lights however, this does not. I was out with Rob on Saturday night in a busy Halifax ending up in Jumpin Jaks where they were plugging their Traffic Light Dating party night.

This occurs as it's the nearest Friday before Valentines Day and involves people wearing sashes (so I'm led to believe). The colours of the sashes are red (for no i'm not interested), amber (try me) and green (I'm up for it). It's a good idea and would make life a lot easier on the dating front I still prefer the idea of people wearing flashing lights on their head but maybe that would have it's downfalls. I wonder if I'll come across traffic light dating again...

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Weird Searches

People have been searching for odd things recently on here. Busker in a Bin is a search done by some so there's a link to the picture of the Cambridge bin.

Scarily someone from Denver was searching for "Toph was killed by" (not in quotation marks) and came across my blog. Apologies to that person who finds that I'm still alive. I hope you're not out to get me.

Large numbers of people have found the blog after searching for "Kaizer Chiefs" (and other variations) which surprised me as i thought that there'd be many more important sites regarding the popular band that would come above mine.

Finally, quite a few people have found the blog by searching for "traffic light dating". This relates to an early post on the blog. However maybe they weren't looking for that. I'll explain more in the next post as it deserves one of it's own and it's best to keep them short.