Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Hard Work, Football, Night Out, Beer, TV

I'm turning into a real macho man!

I've not had much spare time recently what with working on the house and going out buying furniture and the like. We've been to the quiz for the last two Mondays but i'll do that in the next post.

JJ and I met up with Kate and some of her G & S mates on Friday night in Halifax. We managed not to get our eyebrows bitten off like Paddy Kenny even though according to his manager in another interview it is a "regular occurrence" in Halifax.

We didn't get out until about 9:00 so to catch up I had a pint of Magners then a pint of Kronenbourg (which was quite nice for a beer) before settling on the SIs. This was a big mistake as I ended up being hungover until mid afternoon. No doubt i'll do it again. I was just getting some practice in before Christmas.

We bought a TV yesterday. It looks awesome!


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