Monday, January 22, 2007

Chart Changes, People With Power

So the chart now includes downloads. That's ANY downloads rather than just CD releases as previously. This gave Chris Moyles an idea to see if people would download a song he suggested to get it into the top 40. On my very very long journey to Macclesfield last Monday, he kept playing snippets of Honey To The Bee by Billie (Billie Piper these days) which I believe stormed to number one in 1998 (correct me if i'm wrong) and she was at tht time the youngest ever solo female chart topper. So anyway, upon listening to the countdown this week it didn't look as if it had made it. Then suddenly "at Number 17 it's a reentry for Billie and Honey To The Bee".

These leads me on to people with too much much power. Does Moylesy have too much power over things. Jade Goody for instance "the 25fth most infliential person in the world (or was it Britain)". She's not racist, just really really thick. But she's managed to cause a stir by calling top Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty, Shiwpa Poppadoom. Many have called it racism. Shilpa's mum came out and said "we don't call her Jade Fish n Chips" which is true but also silly. Then I watched Neighbours and Mishka (Lou's Russian ex girlfriend) returned only to be referred to by Janelle (Lou's new girlfriend) as "Babooshka". Surely this is exactly the same if not worse?

Anyway i'd love to rant further but it's quiz time.


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