Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Gas, Inspired Guesswork

Just to add to our numerous problems with the house, our handyman was mending a floorboard and cut through a gas pipe which kind of made it smell and be cold until it got fixed. Both are now fixed and we're almost ready to move in.

The last three weeks at the quiz have seen JJ, Kate, her mum and myself get 81, 88, and 91 out of 136, 128 and 131 coming 6th out of 7, 5th out of 5, and 4th out of 6 respectively. My favourite question this week was in the theme round which was "film related" and went something like "Someone (not really important unless you are over 50) had a hit in 1960 with the name of a US state. What was it?" Indiana was my immediate guess out of the blue. The next answer was David Jones. Anyone got the theme yet?!

Not much else to say really as it's cold.


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