Monday, May 28, 2007

Dancin, Dancin and Racin

It's been a while folks. I've written four posts in draft so hopefully these can be finalised and published shortly but once again i've just been lacking inspiration. Also as you can see from the title of the post, when I first started writing this one, my laptop didn't crash immediately for a change but the letter G stopped working. I've decided it's a display driver issue with my laptop perhaps as well as something else. Blogger has added a new feature since my last post though that saves my post every minute which means I don't get really really mad when I finish a post and my laptop crashes. I think that a trip to be repaired is still required though since I haven't played poker for a month.

So anyway what's been going on? A couple of weekends back Rosie came up to Halifax so we had some wine at Kate's house but we didn't go out because it rained a lot so we had some more wine! It was good to see Rosie again but it already seems too long since :-(

Kate, her mum and I came 7th out of 11 in a crowded quiz a couple of weeks ago with 76 out of 140. I didn't know any of the music (title and artist) so can't really add to my list. We didn't go last week as Kate and her mum went to watch a beauty contest or something (sounds good) and the rest of us didn't fancy testing out if we were up to it. I had had a very busy weekend though so it was nice to have a night in for a change.

The busy weekend started on Friday when I went out with Rob ending at Jumpin Jaks and I seem to remember being on stage dancing for a bit again. Oh dear. I then got up early to take my car in for a free service. On Saturday evening I went to a Ceilidh at Todmorden Hippodrome with Kate, her mum and step-dad. This was more fun than I thought it would be and good exercise too. Me and Phil went shopping (rubbish) on Sunday and then I went to a race night with Kate and her mum which appeared a bit fixed but it was all for a good cause and not an expensive evening so I can't complain really.

Since then i've not done much (ooh except for Wednesday which deserves a post to itself). The highlight of this weekend has been the two big motor races. The Monaco Grand Prix was duller than ever but it's always tense watching the cars go round the streets of Monaco at amazing streets. Fernando Alonso won with the amazing young Brit Lewis Hamilton coming second. The Indy 500 which lasted about six hours due to a rain delay was eventually won by scotsman Dario Franchitti whom I've been a fan of for a number of years now. He's married to actress Ashley Judd for anyone that cares! Unfortuneately due to a thunderstorm in Washington, Sky lost the pictures five laps before the end so missed the big crash at the end and all the celebrations. Hopefully they'll be on the highlights show later. Luckily it's bank holiday again so that means another morning in bed which is where i'm going now.


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