Monday, May 28, 2007

Phil's 21st

Phil, John, Hailey Gary and I (apologies if anyone else was there, i'm writing this some time after the event) went out for Phil's birthday and the Champions League Final. Liverpool lost the Champions League Final to AC Milan but it was a nice moment when Dirk Kuyt scored an equaliser as John had a Kuyt shirt on and also looks like him! I think we watched that in Bar Eleven then we moved on to Yates' and kareoke was on. Someone did a nice YOu'll Never Walk Alone and spirits were lifted. Gordon sang New York New York too! After that we transferred to Huddersfield and drank some more before I left about 1:00 as I had work in the morning. Seemed like everyone had a good time though and now my brother is a real man so congratulations!


At Mon Jan 14, 12:05:00 am 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Better late than never! Thanks Chris!


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