Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Back To The Old Phone

On Saturday I sent my new (well 8 month old) phone back as it keeps breaking so i now have my phone from 2002 for a few days. I then went out for lunch with all my grandparents. I won't be putting them in the back of the car again as they had trouble getting out. I then took my laptop back as it keeps breaking but they wouldn't have so i'm currently executing another one of Ed's plans to figure out what the problem is.

Due to pretty much everyone I know being on holiday last week I had to get the train to Halifax to see the only person who wasn't (Rob). It didn't come and was replaced by a minibus which I duly got on but the other passenger from Brighouse (a hot blonde as it happens) was going to Leeds so didn't bother. I could've advised her on where to go but just walked on by and ignored her. I wonder if she ever got there. Later on though I was a good friend which made up for it.


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