Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Meals, Lasers, 81s, Wet, Henmoania

Ok firstly a quiz update. Kate and I got 81 out of 142 by ourselves (with a little help via text) last week but yesterday Kate, her mum, JJ, Caroline and I got 81 out of 138. We came 7th and 6th out of 8 in both weeks so that was average and I won a decent bottle of wine last week (Kate also won some sellotape). On the music front my favourite songs were Breakfast At Tiffany's by Deep Blue Something and Take Me Out by Franz Ferdinand.

After a quiet birthday on Wednesday, I went out for lunch with Rob on Thursday (only to Goose) and my parents for a birthday meal. On Friday I went to The Shears whith a couple of colleagues. It was busy but worth the wait. On Saturday JJ, Caroline, Kate and I went to Laser Quest in Huddersfield. ~We were playing with a load of kids and a few parents of the kids and I ended up 6th out of 25 which I thought was quite good for my first time. Then we all headed to Cibo's which filled us up with Italian food and afterwards went to bars and Livingstone's and drank plenty!

So thanks for a nice birthday celebration everyone and don't worry everyone at work - I will bring cakes in when I am next in the office!

It's rained a lot recently. My roof has leaked a lot recently. There's been lots of flooding in Sheffield which isn't far away and I couldn't get a train yesterday as Leeds Station was closed. The rain hasn't stopped Wimbledon much though. With Mr Wimpy Andy Murray out with a poorly hand or something British hopes are once again left with our ever faithful loser Tim Henman. Sure enough he didn't disappoint in the first round by winning a five set thriller 13-11 against fellow former decent player Carlos Moya. I wonder how far he'll get this year before dashing the hopes of the nation once again. I'm not getting my hopes up and wouldn't advise anyone to get theirs up either. We'll still support til the bitter end though!


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