Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Last week's quiz was JJ, Caroline, Kate, her mum and I and we got 97 out of 146 coming 5th out of 10 which was pretty good. Special thanks to the random bald guy John who helped us before disappearing. I wonder if we'll ever see him again. Song of the week was REM - The One I Love. It was also an amazing week as we got ALL the pictures right for the first time ever I believe.

Yesterday we didn't do so well without JJ and Caroline getting 85 out of 135 and about 9th out of 12 with song of the week being Erasure - A Little Respect.

I'm not very well at the moment as I went out on Friday with Kate, JJ and Caroline and lost my voice, having to walk down my road as i couldn't tell the taxi to turn right. I can now put a couple of sentences together but struggling otherwise. This isn't being tested much though as i'm working alone all week and all my friends and brother are on holiday. :-(


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