Saturday, July 14, 2007

Blogging To Avoid More Important Things

I have a lot of tasks to do this weekend but i'm hungover so i'm writing this instead.

Kate, her mum and I got 82 out of 135 at the quiz coming 9th out of 14. It was as busy as Christmas and as well as it being a lovely evening the smoking ban seems to have sent Big Six attendances soaring. They might have to buy the house next door soon! Music choice of the week (the 11th I believe) Robbie Williams with Old Before I Die.

I took my laptop back on Tuesday. I just had to chat to someone on Windows Live Messenger (doesn't have the same easiness as MSN does it? maybe they should relaunch it as WL) and back one file up. This took 34 minutes as it crashed seven times during that period. A new record.

Last night I went into Halifax with Rob and drank lots. I even had two beers. I didn't see anyone I know and it was a good, but wholly uneventful evening making this the end of the post.


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