Sunday, July 15, 2007

Brighouse To Halifax Laps

I got home about 5:30 on Friday night expecting to have about 100 minutes before I had to go out to catch a train to Halifax. Instead, I ended up taking my Phil (brother) and his mates to Halifax prior to their Dublin trip. One of his mates had left his passport in Norwich so he was not going anywhere. Halfway up Salterhebble Hill Phil then realises his passport and flight details are still on his bed so I dropped his mates off and returned home.

I then dropped him off at the train station only to find the train pulling away from the platform so I went back to Halifax and back home again leaving me 25 minutes to get ready (including having something to eat). Luckily i'd been out for lunch and had lots of cake so I was quite full so I just had my lunch for tea and then caught the train at 7:33 as planned, not leaving Halifax until about 2:30.

Last night I went to Kate's with JJ and Caroline, and Sarah and John whom it was nice to see again. We went for an indonesian curry at JAva in Sowerby Bridge. It was hot and made my nose run. It was nice but I don't think i'd choose to go there again but only because I'm not really into spicy food in a big way. It should be recommended to those who do like it as it is the 2nd best Indonesian restaurant in the country according to the waiter.


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