Thursday, July 26, 2007

Candid But No Camera

I'm not really sure if the title makes sense but I think it gets the point across. Read on anyways...

Yesterday was an almighty strange day (up until about 3 o'clock after which it was normal) so here's why.

I woke up to the sound of my brother's alarm as he didn't turn it off. Then it went off again without going off. He'd been out bowling the night before so I didn't see him get in. "Shit, is he dead?" (I should talk to myself less). Well, my answer was maybe as he didn't get home or let me know where he was. Turned out he'd been out bowling in Bradford, then gone drinking in Halifax (not a very normal thing to do on a Tuesday until 1:30am) and let himself in at his mate's house as he didn't have enough cash to get home. That's what he told me anyway. Idiot. If you'd like to defend yourself to the world Phil, please write a coment!

While he was lost, a file also went missing but this turned up sooner than Phil did! I was then given a task to do at work that I hadn't done for about a year but to do it five times. I'm feeling a bit jittery by this point - It's 9:30, two things have gone missing and one odd request. Things were calming down by lunchtime when I started to receive a strange string of texts. These were freaking me out a little.

Then for some reason I went to the reception area and was just about to head back upstairs when two big, tattooed men came in and mumbled something loudly, sounding drunk. A secret coded tannoy announcement was made as back up may have been required. This hasn't been done for about four years so hardly anyone (including myself) knew what was going on. Turns out the two unshaven, pond life were seaching for a solicitors above a pub. I told them twice we were accountants and there were no solicitors in the building. Back up arrived in the form of one of the part time receptionists who repeated what i'd said and they finally left. I think they were genuine but had just got the wrong pub to look above and not of high enough intelligence to read the sign on our door perhaps. They certainly didn't look the victims of crime anyway!

Soon after about ten other people came down to see what was going on. Well thanks for your help guys but it's no good when it's all over! I should give a special mention to Lauren on reception who, in only her 7th day of working there, did very well to appear calm under the situation. Back to feeling jittery again, I went upstairs and started looking for hidden cameras just in case I was the next star of one of those stupid tv shows. But I didn't see any and the rest of the day passed normally. Today was boring!


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