Saturday, July 07, 2007

Earth, Genius, A Timely Breakage

It's 07/07/07 today - another Live Earth concert day to help save the planet. Ed's friend Wellsy has his own panet protecting ideas. I'm not sure I believe in it all really and perhaps it's just a natural cycle and the world will cool down soon. The smoking ban won't have helped as all the smoke formerly inside pubs is now outside polluting the atmosphere but not sure it all matters as that's not carbon. I ramble. I was in a pub with smoke in for the last time last weekend with Ed, JJ and Caroline. It'll be good for all the smokers to be outside and help me spot girls who don't smoke. On the other hand some may slip through the net making my task impossible.

I am now a Music Genius on the iLike Challenge on Facebook and I challenge anyone to beat me (except Ed and Becky who are already ahead of me:-)).

I got well annoyed about my laptop earlier in the week so finally made the bold step of runing the recovery CD back to XP (see previous post). It worked all night on Thursday so I was thinking 'bugger it must be fixed' but sure enough, yesterday it broke a few times and today I rung up technical support for some final advice. I had to do the recovery CD again so they could log it and then do some hard drive tests when i rung them back. I went on the internet for the first time after recovery done while on the help line and before I got to the test, it crashed! They are going to collect it on Wednesday and hopefully fix it. On the down side I will be laptopless for two weeks but hopefully it will work when I get it back.


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