Sunday, July 29, 2007

Fast Cars

Today Phil and I went to Oulton Park in Cheshire to learn how to drive fast cars round a race circuit for his 21st birthday present (note to self - should really complete posts started in May, one of which being Phil's 21st birthday). We got lost due to amazing lack of signposting and only the man mowing the lawn outside the Foz & Barrel pub nearby saved us from being very late. We then didn't know where to go to register as we hadn't received a confirmation letter through the post but found it just in time.

Next it was onto the briefing session where we were briefed on what to do etc. Once the formalities were over with we were taken to drive a Renault Clio Sport 197. Phil started ahead of me and gradually pulled away as I kept missing apexes and being generally not as quick, even having to let two other cars past on my five laps. My instructor decided to single me out as a danger for not slowing down enough for the corners. I got round them all so didn't really see a problem especially as he gave me 81/100 in his marking of my performance (6 less than Phil). After Googling my instructor it seems he shares the name of former F1 driver Ian Ashley. It would be a huge coincidence if it wasn't him so I feel quite privileged now.

It was then onto Formula Brands single seaters (like F1 cars but slower and more unforgiving. I was first out of the pits which I didn't like as I knew I was slow and always like to be following rather than leading. I let two faster cars past at the end of my first lap but for the remaining five laps was keeping good pace and probably faster than another couple in front of me so at least I wasn't totally crap. They were limited to about 80 mph to avoid accidents but sat on the floor it still feels bloody fast. We then had a debrief and that was it - £180 well spent and over in less than two hours. A fun day.

I feel like having more fun this week but it's not easy to have fun being me so we'll have to see what comes of it. I got my second replacement phone on Thursday and it still works which is good. I haven't got many numbers in it yet due to my sim card holding 10 numbers, 9 of which are O2 numbers but they are all in my old phone ready to be brought across at some stage (except Mr freaky text from last week).


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