Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Hello Again XP!

I've done a system reset to try and solve my laptop freezing problem. Hopefully it will work so i'm back in XP for now with nothing on my laptop.

I'm still not feeling too cracking and am therefore below par at everything I do. However the way I see going to work (for example) is me turning at 50% productivity is better than me not turning up at all, even if some stuff has to be redone hence me only having two half days off (including Monday afternoon) in the last two and a half years. People tell me I should take the rest of the week off and recover fully but I doubt I will and will probably just fight through it.

The quiz went well on Monday with the return of Andrew S and a full quota of Kate, her mum, JJ and Caroline joining me. We got 105 out of 140, didn't text once (which oddly coincided with Ed being on an aeroplane) and came just two points off the money in 4th out of 9. The best song in the music round was the amazing "Man, I Feel Like A Woman" by Shania Twain. This ends my run of respectable songs :-) The big change in the Big Six was that people kept having to be asked to close the door as the smell of smoke was drifting inside. Before this week it has pretty much been the other way round so this is a change for the good.


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