Saturday, July 21, 2007

Laptop Unrepaired, New Starters

I'll get onto the title later as i'll do this week in chronological order. Monday was quiz night again and Kate, her mum , JJ and I got 85 out of 135 coming 8th out of 14. It was a very full pub again and the landlord even joked about bringing smoking back to stop overcrowding! The best music this week was Toploader's Dancing In The Moonlight - Everybody likes that one!

On Tuesday night I went to The Moorings with Kate and Ed to hear all about Ed's trip to Australia. If you wish to read about this or are visiting Sydney, Cairns, or Brisbane soon then you should visit BlogEd.

On Wednesday I came across a policeman directing traffic on the way back to work from Dewsbury at the scene of an accident. He waved the four cars in front of me through then indicated for me to stop. I heard sirens coming from behind and a fire truck was fast approaching. The cop directed me to the left to get out of the way however this is where two of the crashed cars were so I pointed and remained where I was. The fire truck couldn't get through. He then ran over to me and said

"Can't you hear the sirens? Pull over to the left."

"There's no room there's two cars there." I replied, somewhat cheekily. He then rearranged them and I ended up at a 90 degree angle in the middle of the road letting the fire truck through. I apologised to the cop for some reason as he let me on my way.

Just after that I got a call to say my laptop was ready for collection. Pretty good I thought as it had only been gone a week and they had predicted two weeks. I was tired on Wednesday evening and used it for half an hour and all was fixed.

Thursday evening was when the trouble started. Three crashes in half an hour. This isn't mended, it is doing exactly the same as before. I was on for a while later without problem though. However, late last night, two more crashes to go with two already today has confirmed my suspicions. Another windows recovery looms then it's time to get angry with people. Maybe.

We went out for drinks after work last night to welcome three new starters... except one will not be returning next week for an as yet unknown reason. So instead we welcomed the two remaining new starters Howard and Lauren. I was out until about 8:00 having had 6 orange juices. I then met up with Kate, Ed and JJ at The Allan Fold for another 3 J2O's and then I was full of orange (bit denser than Smirnoff Ice I think) so it was home time.


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