Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Living in 2002

After posting on Saturday, I phoned the repairs helpline up who told me to do a system restore (shock). I did. It broke again. I phoned them again and they decided to check my restore disk until I pointed out they restored it last time so this seemed rather unnecessary. After a total of about an hour on the phone they concluded the best solution would be for it to go into repair again. Therefore I am laptopless again :-(

While I was in a complaining mood, I phoned O2 to return my phone which takes pictures with a vertical blue line down them all - not good. After five calls I finally managed to speak to someone who could help me and that phone has now gone back so I'm using my old phone with the default date 01.06.2002

I then went to Kate's mum's BBQ which was different in an average kind of way. I'm quite sure a lot of alcohol would have been useful on such an occasion but never mind. Highlight of the evening was probably teaching Ed to play Jelly On The Plate (wow I never knew there were so many verses)! Sunday was a bit of a non event but the German grand prix and the end of the Open golf were both quite exciting.

As you know by now Monday night = quiz night and JJ, Caroline, Kate, her mum and I got 74 out of 145. It was mega hard but we came 7th out of 10. A lot of people thought the music round was awesome but I had only ever heard three songs before so I had to disagree. It was an 80's selection making song of the week A Town Called Malice by The Jam. At the quiz I sat next Neil who I used to work with between 2000 and 2003 and Matt who I used to have night out with every now and again along with their other halves. We beat them :-) which slightly made up for us losing to my old German teacher and his son a couple of weeks ago. In the raffle, Kate won a frisbee and in the funniest moment of the night won some fluffy slippers!

No plans until Sunday now. I wonder what to do...


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