Saturday, August 04, 2007

Laptop Back And Bust Again, Big News

JJ and Caroline shared some big news with Kate and I on Monday. We got 74 out of 136 for 7th out of ten. Brown Eyed Girl by Van Morrison is the penultimate selection of best music.

I got my laptop back again on Tuesday. It worked for a short while but now it keeps breaking so i'm going to have to be a pain in the arse customer tomorrow and demand something be done.

I've had my fun this week. It's been a happy week in general clouded by a generallyconfused and tired state. I'm not confused anymore as i now know why people are doing what they've been/they are doing. I like to know stuff and when I don't know things it confuses me but knowledge is power as they say. I've worked some things out for mysself and been told others so now i'm happy again. This is so not making any sense!


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