Monday, August 06, 2007

Rich And Famous

On a slightly smaller scale than last May but still worth writing about! As you'll have read in my last post (what you haven't?! Posts should always be read in the order they were written!) my laptop broke again. I took it in to PC World who said they'd repair or replace it. My dad then butted in with some legal mumbo jumbo demanding a full refund. I've never seen him be so scary before! They said they'd try and mend it and let me know. They did let me know and believe the motherboard was at fault and the laptop needed a complete rebuild and because "we don't want a fight we'll give you a full refund!" I can now go and buy myself a better one and I seem to have kept my free copy of Vista too... Oops!

A book was released last week called How To Win At Fantasy Footballand there's a whole five pages about me plus other snippets from the book adding up to about three more pages. It quotes me and shows my team and tactics from the 2006 glory days. Even to this day I look back and think to myself "What was I doing putting Brian McBride in?!" But it worked and it's brave decisions like that that got me to the top. As well as a lot of luck!


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