Monday, March 24, 2008

BADCASS Dinner 2008

I had a short sleep in the afternoon and then it was straight to The Midland Hotel for the Bradford And District Chartered Accountants Student Society. Esta picked me up about 6:40 and made sure I didn't fall asleep on the way there! I then had drinks with the other top table guests (I was representing CASSH) before being clapped to my seat which was very nervy. The meal was nice, the drink was good. It was good to catch up with a few old faces but also sad that Eppy and Eddy weren't there amongst others.

After being clapped off the top table I mingled with the MGI crew until there was just me and Matt left. I suddenly had a new lease of life so we went to Walkabout, attracted plenty female attention and I got in about 3:00. This meant i'd had 6 hours sleep in 66 hours (ok this includes 8 hour time difference) and I was jet lagged for about a week afterwards!


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