Monday, March 24, 2008

Las Vegas Part 6 - Going Home

We arrived in Vegas just after daylight and were met by slot machines in the arrivals area. We had a couple of hours before we had to check in so we went to the MGM Grand (just cos it's big) and gambled some more. I did quite well, actually winning on some slots and made $15 leaving my total gambling losses at $323. I didn't like this number and decided I wanted to lose a round amount so I put $27 on a roulette wheel split between 11, 20, and 23. Sadly 21 came up so I finished $350 down which was quite respectable.

We then returned to the airport and out plane wasn't there. We could see our hotel from the departure lounge. There was a 3 hour delay so we set off about 5:00.

Friday 8th February - We landed about 10:00 after the 5087 mile journey back via the great circle route and after getting the train and taxi (who didn't get our luggage for us like in America) home, I took Kate home and that was the end at about 1:00. I was very very tired.

Great holiday though!


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