Friday, August 20, 2010

Week 1 10/11 Season

Firstly, I should state that things haven't got any worse since my last post, nor have they got anything more worth writing about. The rest of the post is about fantasy football - boredom alert!

I've gone big on fantasy football this season. We know I'm good at it so I thought I'd try and win something by reducing the luck factor a little. My 76 teams in Dream Team are split as follows:-

14 of my own teams going for individual glory
14 teams the same as above entered in the no transfers league
10 syndicate teams entered before 1st weekend
2 syndicate no transfer teams
36 syndicate teams entered after 1st weekend

The syndicate is a bunch of 17 guys from FISO mainly going for mini league wins. I think we are planning on having 46 mini leagues to try and win something but any individual prize would be a bonus.

I had a good start being 7th and 68th in the no transfers and main league respectively with one individual team. After week 1 I'm now 16th and 163rd respectively but injuries have not been kind so far. The syndicate hasn't really got going yet. Only time will tell if it was a worthwhile investment although there's a lot of competition with more teams and (from past seasons) less skill so it should be interesting. IF you've read this far anyway! No doubt more updates will appear here sometime.


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