Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Northumberland Holiday

A couple of weekends ago I went to Northumberland staying in a Manor House with Ed, Becky, Kate & Jon, JJ & Caroline, Sarah & John, Rosie & Raff, and Lucy & Dave for a long weekend. A quick summary of activities done over the weekend other than talking and drinking follows:-

I played pool a lot on the house pool table. I was pretty rubbish but finished 4 unbeaten to make wins and losses about the same but credit to John for beating me. I played poker with the guys and Becky. I had about 3/4 of the chips at one point (as you can see in the pic on Facebook if you look carefully) but still managed to come 3rd after being generally unlucky. I don't think i'd have played much differently if I knew other people's cards so not much I could do. Well done to Becky for winning and John for being 2nd.

On the Saturday we went to Holy Island (Lindisfarne) and then onto Seahouses. I did some geocaching with Ed, John and Dave which was fun and good exercise and nice to take in the sea air. I then beat them at crazy golf. John nearly won but anger and embarrassment at missing got the better of him!

On the Sunday me and Ed went to Cragside, a National Trust house where inventor Lord Armstrong lived. We went round the house, potted a red on his billiard table and learnt all about Life Pool. There was then plenty walking to do afterwards. I played Dave and Lu at table tennis later. Dave didn't tell me he amazing so avenged his earlier 4 pool defeats with a 5-2 win. The guys then tried to play Life Pool and billiards on the pool table. Billiards was simple but boring, me and John being winners. Life pool was more interesting despite being very complicated and I won a couple of games at this (can't remember who won the other one) before retiring to the drawing room for a group photo.

We came on on Monday. The weather had been great all weekend but was crap all the way home. Me and Ed randomly met Rosie and Raff at The Angel Of The North which is big and got home mid afternoon. It was great to see evryone again and special thanks to Sarah for her excellent organisation of it all. Hopefully it'll happen again next year when there may be more of us!


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