Saturday, November 06, 2010

Week 9 2010/11 Season - Week 8 The Aftermath

LAst time I reported another £2k in week 8. This was based on the ratings given online printed on The Sun website which included the Burnley goalkeeper being given Star Man in their game with Aston Villa. However, the ratings in The Sun newspaper showed Ashley Young as Star Man. The points are awarded on what is in the paper so Ashley Young was awarded 5 extra points meaning the syndicate's mini league came 2nd winning nothing.

We followed this up with the people running the game who said that the reporter changed the ratings after extra time but forgot to change the Star Man in the online ratings. As they hadn't confirmed our win and spotted the error within 24 hours, they were well within their rights to take our win away from us and award it to James Barker who is the first weekly winner not known in FISO circles.

As a mark of goodwill The Sun gave us £50 free credits for us to get 20 teams aimed at future weekly wins. Hopefully they'll come soon.

We did well in week 9 but ended up 4th in the weekly mini leagues but from a personal perspective it was nice to see Gerrard get a hat trick showing a return to form and a reminder of his heroics for me in May 2006.


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