Saturday, January 08, 2011

Hodgson Leaves Liverpool

Liverpool are on the worst points total since the 1950's have parted company with manager Roy Hodgson. They are on 25 points in 12th place and into the knockout stages of the Europa League. Last year Hodgson led Fulham to the final of the Europa league, 12th in the league (from 7th the year before) and was on 27 points at this time last year. He was awarded manager of the year for this.

The side he inherited went from 2nd to 6th in the previous season clearly on a downward spiral. He is on a par with how he did when he was the best manager in the league and now seen as the worst manager for the job. He has now been replaced by (Liverpool legend) Kenny Dalglish who has not managed in England since 1998. I could compare this to Stan Ternant being out of management for three years before he took the Huddersfield job and never got settled but it seems a little unfair.

A recent study has shown that a manager change brings an extra 2.5 points in the short term but leaves a club worse off in the long term. My point is that if Hodgson had been given time to rebuild the squad then they should start performing him soon to try and keep their places in the team. It is the players that have let the manager down and in my opinion they will still struggle to finish in the top half this season unless the players start trying more.

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