Monday, September 17, 2012

Season 2011-2012

Partially due to the previous season and mainly due to the Gambling Commission's rules, number of teams was limited to 60 + 1 free team in Sun Dream Team this season. There were no mini league prizes but a huge number of prizes available for finishing in the top 100. Given my previous record I decided this was doable so gave it a shot by myself spending the maximum £250. As well as the season long prizes (which I won none of) there were prizes over 30 weekends for the top 100 in Weekend Dream Team. 3 extra players had to be added to the team and a star man selected for double points. This took a good 2 hours every Friday night for all my teams but I figured it would be worth it in the long run. I seem to remember only winning 1 (£100) in the first 13 weekends and getting slightly worried my "investment" would be a bad one but then I went onto a winning run and finished the season with £900 becoming the equal most winningest manager for the Weekend Dream Team season. 3rd place was the best I got as the top prize (£1000) evaded me but I was pleased to be back at the top of the game in that respect. In the final season of You The Manager in the Mirror, there was a £1000 prize for coming last over the season. With there being 30 transfers over the season, this was tricky. I put £19 into this game 2 for the top and 2 for the bottom. One of the bottom teams was ended up being in the running on the final day of the season. I had thought I had it won by injury time when Man City needed 2 goals to deny me victory. This was of course the most incredible ending to a Premier League season ever. Man City scored 2 goals in injury time against QPR winning them the title and leaving me very excited and then a bit peeved that I had no longer won outright. I was now tied at the top winning £500 which was still a great result. Another profitable and fun season of fantasy football. Note - I had 13 teams in the Euro 2012 Dream Team and did rubbish!

Season 2010-2011 The End

So after many discussions between the syndicate, Dream Team management and £300 per hour lawyers, the final decision was not to proceed any further and accept 2nd place in the mini leagues. Writing this a number of months after means this lacks details but the moral victory was ours in the end. Since this controversy there have been no prizes for mini leagues, presumably due to the obvious domination of syndicates and there being no way around the rule breaking of others. This also meant the end to my participation in the syndicate so I was going it alone again for 2011/12. Working in a team was good experience and hard work but enjoyable. We achieved a decent profit and moral victory despite slight disappointment at the end and would be something i'd do again if the situation was right.