Thursday, February 10, 2005

Friendly Farce, Pancake Party

Great alliteration in the title even if they are slight exaggerations.

Anyway, to the point, England played Holland yesterday in a friendly where Mr Erikkson played new players in false positions and kept swapping them round so much, even Motty and Graeme Le Saux (getting desperate for co-commentators) one feels) were getting confused about where people were. It wasn't the worst 0-0 friendly ever and not a total farce but it'll never be released on video.

It was pancakes at Rosie's on shrove Tuesday. The pancakes I ate were all very nice. I still like golden syrup type runny stuff as my favourite topping but the chocolate sauce has now pushed sugary lemon down to third. It was more of a social get together than a party but then I guess that's what a party is.

Work is now busy and very frustrating. Can't say much more about that on here. BADCASS dinner tomorrow where I get to see old work mates again which will be cool. This also doubles up as my leaving do and i'm expecting big things from my collection. Knowing them lot it'll probably pay for my taxi home and a drink for all of them!

Not been a bad week yet...


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