Thursday, October 20, 2005

Since Last Time

Huddersfield Town beat Bradford City 2-1 in the big derby game at Valley Parade on Monday. Boothy scored the winner. What a legend!

England beat Poland on Wednesday after putting in their first convincing performance of the season and qualified top of their group for the world cup and will now be seeded.

I went bowling with HCASS (Huddersfield Chartered Accountants Student Society) on Thursday evening and while improving on my last performance in Huddersfield, I still didn't beat any males and didn't beat that many females either with 81 and 77. I think I'm on the Huddersfield committee now which may cast further doubt over my future in Bradford. After the meeting last month where two meetings happened in the same pub (as me and someone else faled to meet with the others even though they were in the same pub) I've not heard anything since. Not long 'til the dinner!

On Saturday night I went into Huddersfield with Rob celebrating Huddersfield Town topping League 1 again. Things went a bit wrong for Rob towards the end of the evening an he decided to walk 4 miles home from my house at half two in the morning. He then decided he wanted a chat so we stood on my road for about 40 minutes then I went to bed at 3:30. I got up at 6:00 to watch the Chinese Grand Prix and the kitchen fitter was back so no more sleep was had. I was to learn why sleep is important later in the day...


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