Saturday, January 27, 2007

Pub post

Im out with kate, john, lucy, and dave tonight. Im
told theyve booked a taxi however im already here so i
found myself a seat and decided to post. Therell be no
paragraphs as i dont know how to do them on the mobile
so bear with me. The house is coming along well now
and we are hopefully less than a week away from moving
in. Finally. Phil and i went to ikea today. First of
all we parked in a neighbouring car park but realised
it wasnt ikea so went to their car park which was full
and there were so many people looking for spaces it
would have been impossible to get one. We then went
back to the original car park which had now filled up
and got busier and decided to give it up as a bad job.
Lesson learned - NEVER GO TO IKEA ON A WEEKEND. I went
to kates last night and watched pirates of the
caribbean which i understood this time and quite
enjoyed. Jj could not join us for a mystery reason.
This is the third weekend in a row Ive been out in
halifax after a night with rob where i met shelley,
brook and jess and last week with kate and belatedly
jj. I wonder if ill ever tire of jumpin jaks. Im a
little concerned huddersfield have yet to sign anyone
this transfer window but theres still 4 days to go. We
certainly need someone as were not as good as last
season and have let 2 players go. Im hoping their taxi
is not far away as i really cant think of much else to
say. Turning to rhyming couplets isnt good. Perhaps
ill update when i get home, depending on if theres
much to update on.


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