Thursday, September 23, 2004

A New Experience

Last night I went to my first ever game at The Horsfall Stadium where (2nd bottom) Bradford Park Avenue were playing (bottom) Vauxhall Motors. They are in the Northern Premier League which to anyone who doesn't know much about fooball sounds quite good. It is however not good being the 6th tier on the league ladder ie 5 divisions below Man Utd, Spurs, Birmingham City, Crystal Palace etc.

It was easy to tell it was two struggling teams. The football was dire and I'm quite safe in saying it was the worst match i've ever seen. No wonder only 225 people turned up as the weather was wet and windy and it costs £9 to get in to see such a shambles. I'll probably go again sometime but hope to see some decent matches first!

Work has been very stop start recently. Nothing to do for an hour or so and then a huge rush to get things finished before the end of the day has been the pattern for the last two days. It's also quite sad at the moment because the audit manager is leaving tomorrow and she has been like a mentor to me since I started so I wish her well. It also reduces the number of female accounts and audit staff under the age of 30 to one, with there being five male staff under 25 which has raised concerns to some people!

We're going to the pub after work tomorrow for the manager's leaving drinks and then Eppy and I are going to Bradford University Freshers Pub Crawl 2004 and have VIP tickets to see Javine play live in concert. Woo! She's the one that lost on Popstars: The Rivals. No doubt a write up will appear.

I also watched a DVD on Tuesday - The Bourne Identity which was quite good but a bit of a rubbish ending. I preferred the alternate ending. I would not class this as a scary film but the person I was watching it with seemed to think it was :-)

Anyway, enough said for now. Maybe I should post more regularly in smaller chunks - people might read it all then!


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