Saturday, September 18, 2004

Pub, Football and Other Stuff

Paul and I went to the pub yesterday lunchtime as he did not want to lose his title of hearts champion he flukily won back earlier in the week. The normal pub was full so we didn't stay there and went to a pub further up the road. This was a nice pub which was less smoky and the food was much nicer if a little pricy. We'll probably go there more often now.

I went to the Galpharm Stadium, Huddersfield today to watch Huddersfield play Barnsley with my brother. We both saw old school friends before the match started which was nice. The first half was dominated by Barnsley who deserved their two goal lead including a comedy own goal, which even most town fans were smiling at between the boos. A defender heading back to the keeper - except the keeper was stood next to him! The second half was the complete opposite of the first but sadly no goals were scored and it will go down as a bad performance even though we, might have got something out of the game. I feel i'll be heavily mocked at work on Monday as Bradford City won 4-1 and my fantasy team is continuing to perform well below par.

There was a funny typo in the programme in the injuries update section. One of the players is well on the way to recovery and it states "He will hopefully begin jogging next week with a view to returning to straining in 2-3 weeks" Oh dear, looks like he could be out for a while!

In other news, my brother has had two job interviews this week and not been successful in either but has heard that his lower gullet operation should now be in October and not in January. My dad is going into hospital on Tuesday to have his operation done and will be there for about 5 days :-( and mum is a complete nervous wreck worrying about everything that's going on. I'm just about staying sane and have some accountancy questions to do for a meeting on Monday morning with the training partner so on that note I'll end the post and continue with those.


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