Thursday, September 16, 2004

Snooker Night

Last night I went to Halifax Snooker Club with an old school friend. I've not played snooker since 2002 as that was when my last membership card expired and we sold our table at home not long after that. However I seemed to have lost none of my skill almost beating my highest ever break of 16 but I had to settle for 12. Fortunately my mate was as crap as me at break building and we shared the frames 2 each. Maybe we should play pool next time as less balls need to be potted and I am unbeaten in my last 4 games stretching over a year!

The sport I was best at (by best I mean least bad at) when I went to school was Fives or Eton Fives to give it it's full name. It's a bit like squash but with no rackets. Sadly it is not a well known sport and it seems most local courts have recently been demolished (including the one at school I think) to make way for new music or technology blocks. It will no doubt continue at public schools such as Eton and Harrow for evermore. This topic arose due to an article in the local paper (Brighouse Echo) giving the history of the sport which now seems to be dwindling out of Yorkshire and only available at top Public Schools.

Anyway, that's enough rambling for one night!


At Fri Sept 17, 10:13:00 am 2004, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think you meant "fewer balls need to be potted" :-)

Also, we used to play Rugby Fives at school, not Eton Fives. Eton Fives requires a weird shaped court.


At Sat Sept 18, 09:08:00 pm 2004, Blogger Toph said...

That would be Rugby Fives which seems a little more popular. They even play it at Cambridge University. No wonder Bill knew so much about it :-) Thanks for the correction.


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