Sunday, November 21, 2004


My first week at work seemed to go ok. They are giving me more difficult work to do than i'm used to but I like a challenge and i'm sure it will help my experience.

On Friday night Rosie, Kate, JJ and I went to Huddersfield for a night out. After no more than three drinks, I decided to leapfrog bollards. They didn't appear unleapable however on my first leap, the bottom by back (my arse) landed on the bollard. I fear severe bruising of the coccyx is the diagnosis as it still hurts to sit down 48 hours later. Apart from that it was a good night and they all slept at my house for the first time. We had to get up very early on Saturday though which no-one was very pleased about. I went back to bed so wasn't too fussed :-)

Against my better judgement, I went into Halifax with Rob last night and felt very drunk but didn't drink a lot. I'm putting this down to tiredness and pain. It's the first time I can remember having to go home before him so I must've been in a bit of state.

I woke up this afternoon to find two missed calls on my phone from Phil (my brother) who had gone for a poker night about a mile away. He said he had phoned me on the off chance i wasn't drunk because while he was de-icing his car (at 1:00am) he had accidentally locked himself out, with the engine running so he wanted me to take his spare keys to him. Instead he had to run home and back while his mate stood by his car ensuring no-one stole it. Thought this was quite funny and it lightened my mood after I was feeling quite down yesterday.

It snowed on Thursday but that's normal as it's November. Not really a fan of the stuff but then i guess it looks nice. I would like it to warm up a bit though. Brrrr.


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