Thursday, December 09, 2004

Liverpool's Magic Moment

Last night I was watching Liverpool in the Champions League. They were 1-0 down to Olympiakos at half time needing to win 3-1. They dominated and got a quick goal then didn't score again until the 80th minute. A superb strike by Steven Gerrard sealed their place in the last 16 just 5 minutes from time. This is the first time four English clubs have been in the knockout stages.

Yeading got drawn against Newcastle and will play at Brentford or QPR. Newcastle's record in London is poor but surely they can beat Yeading.

This weekend is great for football on Sky. The Merseyside derby is on Saturday with the Birmingham derby on Sunday followed by Arsenal against Chelsea.

We bought Christmas decorations at work today and will be putting them up tomorrow. I might buy a Christmas CD compilation thingy to cheer me up a bit as i'm still without a Playstation 2 which broke last week. There is a national shortage of them. Maybe I should feel guilty about depriving some child of a perfect Christmas.

Anyway I'll stop rambling and go and play snooker with my brother.


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