Monday, January 17, 2005

Who is the King of Spain

The England cricket team played well today and beat South Africa to take a 2-1 lead in the series. I was somewhat curious however by the Spanish flag in the English 'Barmy Army' section of the crowd which read 'GILO IS OUR KING'. 'Gilo' is obviously referring to Ashley Giles, currently England's top spinner (open for debate) who plays county cricket for Warwickshire. Then, as if prompted by my thoughts, Sky Sports revealed the reasoning behind the slogan on the flag.

Warwickshire made 1000 limited edition Ashley Giles mugs last summer which stated on the side "ASHLEY GILES, KING OF SPIN". Unfortuneately whilst at the printers (or however they produce mugs) there was some sort of mix-up and all the mugs came back with the slogan "ASHLEY GILES, KING OF SPAIN"! So next time you see a Spanish flag at an England cricket match you'll know why.


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