Sunday, February 13, 2005

BADCASS (Bradford) Dinner 2005

On Friday it was the Bradford And District Chartered Accountants Student Society (BADCASS) (not to be confused with the Bristol slant of the acronym) annual dinner. As part of the committee I was hoping more than ever than it would be a success. This was my third attendance of the dinner but my first as a guest. I was invited by my old work to go and sit on one of their tables and it was nice to catch up with everyone.

The night was themed as Heaven and Hell with one side of the room white and the other side red. The food was the best i've had there and the portions were sufficient to hold the copious amount of alcohol that was consumed. The raffle in aid of the tsunami appeal was a big success raising over £300. It was quite amazing how whenever Amanda waved her magic wand she seemed to win a prize! There were loads of prizes, four of which went her way! I went up to collect two bottles of champagne and one trophy (as the quiz trophy is mysteriously missing) for our winning exploits over the year.

The firms can have group photos taken, of which I thought I wouldn't be on this time as I don't workfor anyone in Bradford anymore. Wrong! I got myself into two group photos this year. Old work invited guests on as well which was nice. I also managed to get on another firm's photo as I knew someone I used to work with's (who left before i did) wife who works there.

My dancing seemed to cause concern though. Kate and I went to do Grease Lightning and only 4 people were dancing compared with 30 or so for the previous song. I was quite spectacular though. Later myself and another person I know seemed to scare someone we both kind of know (but she probably doesn't know us) with our version of the (extra long) Cha Cha Slide.

I have to say though the best bit of the night was free drinks all night long and as I finally received my leaving present of £60 I made a profit for the night of £44. Well done to President Justin and organiser Tracy for making it a great night and lets hope it goes down well next year.


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