Saturday, February 12, 2005

Fixing Things

The week finally took it's long awaited turn for the worse at just after 5:30 yesterday. My brother was in the pub and wanted a programme recording. It's normally set by my mum in the morning but it wasn't so I put the tele on and it was snowy. In a bit of a rush, due to being about to get ready to go out, I thought I'd worry about this later and just record it from Sky. No reception was being received from my digibox which was the reason I couldn't get a picture. Thinking the same again I went upstairs to find that the video had been reset but looked ok to record. I put the tape in and it jammed. The programme had now started. I turned the machine off and back on and it spat it out so I put it back in again and it worked. Good, first thing fixed!

My brother got home on time to take me to Bradford and mended Sky and the main tv by putting the power lead back into the back of the digibox. I'm sure I would've spotted this had I bothered looking. Think mum must have been dusting in case we had visitors and knocked it out. Two fixes in one - excellent!

Then there was the dinner, details of which will appear in my next post. At the end of the dinner though I noticed that my jacket was missing so I took the only remaining one. I noticed it had a business card in it and hoped it was the guy who had my jacket. I waited until today to phone him and he came from Keighley to Brighouse (about 13 miles) to do a swap at Sainsbury's. He apologised and that fixed that. Now just need to unscare someone that I unintentionally scared and everything will be ok. Can't do that for 3 weeks though and the person involved won't remember anyway. But that's a different story :-)


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