Monday, February 14, 2005

Jimmy White or James Brown

If you don't already know, Jimmy "The Whirlwind" White has changed his name by deed poll to James "The Godfather of Soul" Brown in a sponsorship deal with HP Sauce to sponsor the brown ball. The BBC and World Snooker have refused to recognise this though and are still calling him by his old name.

This got me thinking to other people who have changed their name. Prince changed it to - oh there isn't a key for it - but the funniest one was some guy trying to win a radio cometition by advertising the radio station most and renamed himself Viking FM. How silly!

It also got me thinking about sponsoring snooker balls and this is silly too. They can't exactly have their name printed on it. Couldn't Jimmy White just have sponsored the white? Other possibilities are:-

Reds - tomato sauce
Black and white - stamp out racism
Yellow - Coldplay
Green - Government campaign for healthy eating
Blue - Stringfellows perhaps?
Pink - Sure you can all make jokes up about potting the pink etc.

On that note, it's supposed to be a day of love today but for the 22nd year running all my valentine cards have got lost in the post or something. There's always next year :-(


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