Thursday, September 08, 2005

One Today

This blog is celebrating it's first birthday today. So it's a year since I took my last exam. While I seem to have written a lot, not a lot seems to have happened in my life that's significant. I moved jobs after not passing the aforementioned exam. That's it. More friends have moved away for good but they are visitable but it's quite sad I'll see them less often. Bill is going soon too :-( One friend got married and another had her last day at work today as she's on maternity leave now. I think these things will become more common as years go on though so I'd best get used to them.

This week has been very busy at work and currently I'm being torn being departments. It's nice to be in demand but less nice because everyone is arguing over me!

We did rubbish at the quiz on Tuesday so I played Bill at pool. Bill was in his college first team he proudly told me. I thought that maybe he could be a challenge and get deserved victory (not me potting the black JJ, Rosie, anyone else i potted the black against) like only one person has in the last year (well done Mr Frank). I broke off. The white flew off the table disrupting the quiz answers! Bill promptly potted six balls while I played rubbish. Suddenly from nowhere i managed a (record) six ball break (only a couple of flukes) and won it on the black. A peeved Bill demanded another game which he went on to win with just one of my balls left on the table. JJ then coughed up another 50p as a peeved Toph demanded a decider. I looked like losing but some luck mixed with inspired genius and some more luck saw me win with one of Bill's balls left on the table. I've not lost my touch it appears!

Also on Tuesday was the BADCASS AGM to which only me and one other guy turned up. Or that's what we thought until the next day when I received an e-mail asking why I wasn't there. We were in the same pub at the same time and didn't see each other. How odd! So BADCASS isn't dead yet, oll on the next meeting!

I had a birthday cake tonight. Just a coincidence!


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