Sunday, November 13, 2005

Bonfire Night

After posting last Friday I went out with Rob and he didn't moan for two hours - just complained. His words not mine. As I was driving and Ann was ill we went from Huddersfield to Halifax and met up with Louise and her mum for the first time since she has had her baby boy. It was nice to hear that her and Jayden were both in good health.

On bonfire night JJ, Kate, Laura (Kate's friend) and me went to Elland bonfire but it had finished by yhe time we got there and everything was being packed away. We used our sparklers and then were rudely told not to throw them on the bonfire as kids play on the field and they take more sweeping up! This was after originally being told to put them on the bonfire. Maybe he was practicing at being Scrooge for Christmas. I could imagine him saying, "Here you go children here's your present." as they open their well packed big pressie and find nothing but a melon inside. Hmmm back to the night...

We then went into town where I learned that Barracuda is actually a South African theme bar. We then went to Maine Street where I met my old AAT tutor Nicola who is now working in London so that was a bit of a surprise but it was nice to catch up with her. All in all a decent evening though the weather was a bit poor!


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