Friday, November 04, 2005

Goodbye 98, Hello XP

So to the third and final of my recent daily afternoon updates. The reasons I've not been postingmuch recently are threefold:-

1. Studying
2. After getting back from Kate's I've been playing Pro Evolution Soccer 5 a lot for PS2 online. So much so this week that I am now ranked 207th in Europe!
3. The computer died on Sunday. It reset itself to August 2004 and then would not let us reinstall broadband. This was really annoying as I've had the week off work and no computer to make use of. I also missed out on £40 of poker bonuses (hmmm haven't played for over two weeks now) (did I mention my biggest win ever on 8th October? After deducting entry fees it came to £239!

Anyways the death of the computer led to a long phone call to Ed (thanks for your efforts) and we concluded that something was missing. So last night we bought a new 80GB hard drive and Windows XP which my brother has since fitted. There is the slight problem that the computer is now not reading the old hard drive so literally all I have is the internet as he was still trying to fix it when I went to bed at 1:15 this morning. At least it's quick.

I'm out with Rob and Ann tonight no doubt lstening to Rob moan about his holiday and how he has been used etc etc. Best not say anymore but it's good that he's now shaken them off. Kate is coming back today too so we may go to a bonfire tomorrow with JJ. I don't really like bonfires due to lots of smoke and general darkness but I suppose it's only once a year and it is the 400th anniversary this year so perhaps it's worth celebrating.


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