Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Kaizer Chiefs, Traffic Light Danger

So, continuing since last time, Eppy had texted me on the Saturday morning (this being Saturday 15th October by the way, I seem to be a bit behind (explanations in future posts)) asking if I could go and see the Kaizer Chiefs at Manchester Apollo with him on the Sunday night. This was too good an opportunity to turn down and also showed that people at my old work weren't completely ignoring me since Town's victory over City (ok I won't mention it again).

The reason I was to regret having only two and a half hours sleep was that I was very tired by 4:00 when I set off for the coach in Bradford. Luckily it was a coach trip or I don't think arriving back alive would have been on the cards. In Bradford there are many traffic lights. One day I was bored and counted 50 sets on my home which will now have increased due to the new(ish) ones at Rooley Lane Manchester Road junction which are very complicated. Anyway I digress. There are so many traffic lights that often you can see a set ahead of you when waiting at another set. I was waiting at the weird roundabout set just before Jacobs Well when the set in front went green so I went. I looked in my mirror about 50 yards down the road and the cars behind were still sat in both lanes at the previous set of lights. Oops! Ah well no harm done.

Catching up with Eppy was nice on the coach and it was a weird journey. We made two toilet stops. One was in the middle of nowhere on the hard shoulder of the motorway just near the highest motorway point in England no less! The second was at a bus stop on the outskirts of Manchester where about 8 lads hopped off the bus and relieved themselves down an alley on the side of a house. The girls at the front of the coach seemed to enjoy this bit! When we got there we queued for a while to get in but it wasn't cold or wet so we didn't mind that.

The first act on were The Cribs who were a decent band and the drummer was exciting to watch as he kept climbing on his drums. Next up were Maximo Park who were excellent and the lead singer especially was very energetic jumping all round the stage. These two bands had just over half an hour each. Then came The Kaizer Chiefs who were headlining. It is of course the band I went to see, not the South African football team whom they are named after! They were bloody excellent and did most of the songs off their debut album Employment as well as some new material which sounded great. I Predict A Riot was probably my favourite of the evening. It was a really great gig and suddenly I was no longer tired!

This was not to last as tiredness set in on the coach home but somehow neither of us fell asleep. I took Eppy home and ran another red light in the process due to the fact that 2 junctions completely separate from each other were separated by about 50 yards (if that) and the first set were green and I didn't see the second set until late so I braked but I was pretty much already through them. Ah well nothing was coming so we survived (again)! I got home safely with my window down, air conditioning on, and Kaizer Chiefs on quite loud to ensure I stayed awake but all in all it was a great evening. Hope your mate has a speedy recovery Eppy and I was more than grateful to take his place!


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