Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Race Night, Treasurer

On Saturday night Amanda had helped organise a race night at Atlantic Studios. Not been there for ages and it was a nice chance to see Lucy, Dave and Amanda again (JJ as well but I'd only seen him 2 weeks ago but don't want him to feel left out). Anyone the night started well with Amanda's horse winning the first race which we all (except Dave) had a bet on. No more of my horses won in the remaining six races :-(

One of the 'riders' didn't turn up for his race so I pulled a horse (no not a munter, the horses were wooden and on bits of string with black tabs on to show how far they'd moved down the track marked out by sellotape) and Amanda was throwing the dice at people and shouting the numbers out all night. She was a bit worried about her voice ut didn't end up too (oh it's just too obvious) hoarse! You could tell she was get more and more tipsy by the end as she was going crazy every time her horse got to move but it lost by 2 black tabs :-(

Dave showed us a weird thing that Lucy does with her ring finger. Try this at home readers:-

1. Put your palm down flat on the table
2. Pull your middle finger back under so the top of it is touching the table
3. Then lift your thumb (tumb as Dave says), down again
4. Follow that procedure for little finger, index finger and then ring finger
5. Go on then lift your ring finger!

Amanda then sung to us about what each finger is called which was quite amusing. It was a fun night and raised lots for charity so well worth it.

It then became clear she was more than a bit tipsy when we were the only ones left in the place and had been told twice by the barman he was closing. Eric Clapton's guitar on the wall worth £20,000 according to the barman but he'd of let us have t for £1,000! We couldn't afford it though. Then Amanda piped up, "It's only fifteen minutes past twenty three, you can't close yetWithth that we left taking glass of wine with us which was soon thrown down on the pavement outside. We were now realising she was in fact very drunk. It then took us about half an hour to walk to a curry place as only Amanda knew where it was and she didn't really know where she was but we found it in the end. Then we all had some water and went home after a bit.

In other news, my mum's car got ran into the back of at traffic lights on Sunday causing a bit of damage. She's ok though. I became treasurer of the Huddersfield Student Society at my debut meeting yesterday. It's all good for the CV! Not that I want to move as I've only been there a year (exactly, today which was the whole point of writing now). It's been an ok year. I haven't really got any friends in my department but maybe that will come in the future. Sam leaves next week :-(

Anyway early night tonight (oops) - College all week.


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