Thursday, November 03, 2005

Trip To Kate's In Scarborough (October 2005)

In the week after the gig, it was the 20th anniversary edition of Neighbours where loads of old characters did snippets of film updating us on where they are now. So what better music to listen to than my Neighbours CD on the way to Scarborough! Of course playing the theme music to begin with would have spoilt the fun as JJ would have moaned all the way there so I played the rest of the compilation of background tracks etc and he admitted to liking some of them. Then came the theme music. Suddenly he didn't like it anymore and the moaning began! Fortuneately he fell asleep before long leaving me to concentrate on the wet, dark, unlit road to Scarborough. I was so scared I gripped my steering wheel so tight there is now a bit melted away in the shape of a hand! Don't really like dark driving.

When we got there we sat down for about an hour and then went into town and drank lots. I didn't feel too bad on my Smirnoff Ices but then was convinced an aftershock would be a good idea. Oh dear. At least I could walk downstairs unaided (in fact aiding someone else) so I can't have been too drunk. I did have a horrid hangover in the morning though. It was nice meeting Kate's friends who are mainly female as there are only 4 males on the course out of around 60 people!

On the Saturday, after being quite grumpy and moany about my hangover, we went onto the seafront and walked round the lighthouse and while JJ (never done this before) and Kate lost £2 on 2p machines I only lost 28p. I guess you better with experience. I then challenged Kate to our long awaited, much anticipated game of pool. I dominated to start with and we discovered that the table was sloping making difficult shots pretty much impossible. Kate then potted one of these "allowing for the slope!" and cleared to the black. Upon potting the black however she failed to allow for the white hitting one of my remaining balls and the slope nicely taking it into the pocket. Toph wins again! Maybe a rematch is on the cards. We then went to see The Corpse Bride which was a decent if very short film at The Futurist Theatre (wow great website sound!).

Kate then made us some tea while JJ and I watched The X Factor (come on Andy!). To my shock JJ was hooked after his many comments against such programmes! Then Bullseye was on. JJ had never seen Bullseye before. How?! Moooooooooooooooooo! Then came the intensity of X Factor results and then we went to a pub. We did look for more pubs but to after a 20 minute walk failed to find the one we were looking for and went back to the house!

On Sunday after getting up lunch was made and Kate's friend Carrie came round and that was a very tasty meal. JJ found something else he'd never done (explained in later post) and then it was home time when we listened to Chelsea v Everton. This was the first match this eason that Chelsea haven't won.

Big thanks to Kate for a wonderful weekend not that she'll read this anyway ;-(


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